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Home - Children's Decor Articles - Easy Tree Mural

A Beautiful Tree Mural
very little painting required.

wallpaper tree mural

Find yourself a tree shape outline. There are loads to be found when you 'search on 'tree mural' and using the google images option.
Find a tree shape that you like and copy and trace the image onto your wall freehand, or onto overhead projector film and project the image onto the wall and trace.

Alternatively you can buy the tree shape below. The shape will come as a full sized paper pattern approx 120cm wide x 180cm high (Tree can be extended in height) and transfer paper which you tape to the wall and trace the design onto the wall. This makes your life much easier.

tree outline design

Next draw up a simple leaf shape that you can use as a template. Draw it onto cardboard and cut it out. This is your template.

leaf design

Go to your local DIY decor store and choose a wallpaper design. You could choose 2 or 3 designs that coordinate well. Save money by looking in the bargain bins or ask for samples of each paper.
Choose designs that have small repeat patterns.
You could also use beautiful craft papers. There are so many gorgeous design to choose from.

Take your leaf template and draw as many leaves as you can on the wallpaper or craft paper as you can fit. Cut each leaf out. The tree above will take about 100 leaves.

wallpaper leaves

Paint in your tree trunk with a tree colour of your choice. It could be any colour, not just brown. If you want a subtle look, paint it in a pale greeny brown or any pale colour of your choice that will tie in with your leaf wallpaper colours that you choose.
Use acrylic craft paints or tester pots of arcylic wall paints from your local DIY store.

When your paint is dry, paste your wallpaper leaves onto the ends of your branches using either wallpaper paste or PVA glue which dries clear. Overlap some of the leaves. You could have some blowing in the wind, or in a pile on the ground for an addtional effect.

Why not cut out some little bird shapes and paste them in the tree too.

There you have it!
A simple and effective way of creating a tree mural for your baby nursery or child's bedroom.

Wallpaper Tree Mural Design

Approx Mural Size
120cm wide x 180cm high
Tree can be extended in height.




Wallpaper Tree Mural Design

Approx Mural Size
120cm wide x 180cm high
Tree can be extended in height.

If you fancy having a go at painting a tree mural, then Have a look at our paint by number tree mural

Tree mural

Your children have the dream - You make it happen.