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Pirate Room Theme Decor

Ahoy matey! Lookin' for a new bedroom design that befits a swarthy spirit and a yearning to sail the seven seas? Then hoist anchor and prepare for a voyage of discovery, one with untold treasure at its end for you and your family. Turn your child's bedroom into a pirate's cove of delights.

Captain of the Ship
Creating a pirate themed bedroom for your child starts with the focal point of every pirate's eye - his ship. And in the case of a pirate themed bedroom, this ship would be the bed. A great way to make your child feel like captain of his own ship is to have built a custom pirate ship themed bed.

The Jolly Roger will pale in comparison to the awesome ship you can design as your child's bed. You can give it an upper and lower deck, put in portholes, even a ladder leading up to the crow's nest. For extra detail, you can include a wooden gangplank for prisoners to walk. You can also place a giant fluttering sail overhead and transform the piece into a whole new kind of canopy bed. And don't forget a flag bedecked with a skull and crossbones, reminding all, far and wide, whose ship this is and what the penalty is for insolence and treachery.

pirate murals
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To the Horizon
Decorate the walls of your child's pirate themed bedroom with rich ocean blue and light sky blue, dotted with white clouds. Where sky and ocean meet, you can paint the horizon looping around the entire circumference of the room. And don't forget a distant island with seagulls hovering around it, so that your little pirate captain has opportunity to occasional shout "Land ahoy!"

pirate Map mural
Pirate Map

Map to Buried Treasure
Another wall covering idea is a giant map to buried treasure, be it in the form of a mural painted on the wall of the room or custom theme bed or a giant framed picture or the design of the curtains covering the windows.

pirate room accessories
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Accessories for a Pirate Themed Room
A treasure chest makes a perfect clothing or toy chest, and can even be built into the custom theme pirate ship bed for space-saving convenience. A large compass or giant wooden steering wheel would make an excellent clock for the room.

The design creations of Joann Means are fantasy custom theme beds that ignite a child's imagination and penchant for adventure. By focusing your efforts to design and decorate your child's bedroom around a custom theme bed designed and created by Sweet Dream Children's Interiors (http://www.sweetdreambed.com), you give them a dreamy space all their own while covering your needs as a parent for strength and durability, versatility of use, and convenient, space-saving functionality.

All of the custom theme beds you'll find at Sweet Dream Children's Interiors (http://www.sweetdreambed.com) are personally designed by Joann and hand-built by her husband, master carpenter Johnny Means. Each one invites and inspires endless hours of imaginative play while also providing a safe and comfortable place to bed down each night.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Joann_Means


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